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Magazines Are a Club, Keep Your Members Happy


Think of a magazine as you would a club.

Its audience convenes on a regular basis to share a set of common interests. Members often pay a fee to be part of the club and they stay as long as the cost of being part of the club – time and money- is more than offset by the value to them of being a member.

Here are five things you can do to keep your members happy-

1)      Mail your subscription copies BEFORE you send out the newsstand copies.  Let those who are most loyal see the newest issue first. People feel shortchanged when they see THEIR magazine in public before they receive it at home.

2)      Give readers the inside scoop. Tell them why a topic was exciting and use video, social media or podcasts give them some behind the scenes details.

3)      Treat your magazine like a brand and not just a print vehicle. Use print to its advantage but also use the unique features of the web to enhance the content. Use the efficiency of the web to expand content.

4)      Participation in a brand deepens commitment. Use Social media to give the readers a voice that other readers can see and react to.

5)      Give them something to look forward to. Tell them what is coming up in the next issue. TV shows and the news use teasers to boost tune-ins, you should too.

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