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Digital Marketing Guide: How Do You Slice and Dice Your Target Audience When Buying an Ad?


Here is a good article from AdAge on targeting and buying online ads.
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It addresses these questions-
1) How do you slice and dice your target audience when buying an ad?
2) Can I just target by audience without regard to the site? Or does context matter?
3) Everyone says they can sell audiences. How do I know who’s legit and who’s a snake-oil salesman?
4) How do I know that my ad is reaching the right people?
5) How do I know it’s a real person I’m targeting and not a computer?
6) What does retargeting mean?
7) What about people who opt out of targeting? Can I still reach them?
8) What if someone has installed an ad blocker — am I still paying for that impression?
9) How does online ad targeting compare to targeting in other media?

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