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Publishers Doing an Apple End-Run to Deliver to iPad


Here is an interesting piece on working around Apple for iPad content- From MediaShift. Full post here

Quoting from the article

Instead of building native apps in iOS, the proprietary operating system for the iPad and other Apple devices, the publishers are using HTML5, the latest version of the open-source HTMLlanguage used to build web pages.

By going outside the App Store, the publishers achieve a number of aims. For one, they keep all the revenue for themselves.

They can control the display and marketing of their publications, rather than relying on the App Store’s decisions about what will be surfaced and how apps are categorized.

They also can use their own fulfillment systems and databases. The Financial Times, for example, can seamlessly give a subscriber access to content paid for in another platform and avoid any restrictions Apple might place.

Publishers can price and bundle content however they want, as well. Until recently, Apple refused to allow apps from a publisher that sold the same content anywhere else for a cheaper price.

And publishers can sell whatever they want from within the app.

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