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7 questions every social media strategy must be able to answer


Here is an interesting post from SmartBlog on Social Media

7 questions every social media strategy must be able to answer

  1. Who am I speaking to? Unless you really know, on an intimate level, who are you’re speaking to, everything else you’re doing is essentially guesswork, because audience knowledge informs your answer to every one of the remaining questions.
  2. What do they want from me online?  What function do you serve for these people within a social media context? You can start with a grand mission statement if you want, but then you’ll need to whittle it down to a social-media-specific context if you want to be successful.
  3. What do I want them to do online? It should be simple and easy for your fans to perform in the moment.
  4. How can I align those actions?  You need to find ways to tie what your customers want to what you want.
  5. How will I know if it’s working?  Whatever it is you’re asking for, find a way to keep track of how often it’s happening after people have engaged your social media presence.
  6. How will I keep the ball rolling? Campaigns should be built to be repeated, extended or transformed ad infinitum.
  7. How will this evolve?  Instead of thinking about platforms, think about functions and design your social media strategy around those roles.

Read the full post here


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